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Consignor Contract

Consignment Contract
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This agreement is made between the undersigned person(s) as Consignor and Tennessee Tack Exchange, Inc. known as 
Consignee or TN Tack.
Consigned Items:
  TN Tack will act as an agent for the Consignor, therefore the items placed at TN Tack will remain the property of 
the Consignor until sold, picked up by Consignor, donated to charity, or the consignment period ends. 
  Consignor assumes all risks and agrees to bear any and all losses which may result from fire, theft or any other 
casualty while the merchandise is consigned at TN Tack. 
  Consignment items received that are deemed unacceptable by TN Tack must be picked up within one (1) week. 
Unacceptable items not picked up by the Consignor will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the 
discretion of TN Tack.
  Items placed on consignment will be priced and tagged by TN Tack.
  TN Tack reserves the right to promote special sales at the discretion of management.
  Items must be clean and in good condition. If items are dropped o ff dirty or in poor condition, TN Tack reserves
the right to charge the Consignor a cleaning fee per item.  Cleaning fees may range from $5 to $25.
  Consigned saddles will be allowed to go out on trial with perspective buyers to be test ridden.
Consignment Selling Period & Terms:
  The consignment selling period is 180 days.
  TN Tack reserves the right to reduce the price of items  (excluding saddles) by up to 20% after 60 days, 30% after 90 days, 40% after 120 days and 50% after 150 days.
  TN Tack and Consignor will agree on bottom dollar pricing for all saddles and note that on the Item List.
  At the end of the 180 days consignment period, the Consignor must pick up any remaining unsold items, or sign 
a new consignment contract.  All items not claimed within one (1) week of the expiration of the consignment
term are considered abandoned and become the absolute property of Tennessee Tack Exchange, Inc.
  Merchandise removed before the end of the consignment period requires a five (5) day notice and will incur a 
processing charge of $3.00 per item or $15.00 per saddle.
  It is the responsibility of the Consignor to keep tr ack of the Consignment Contract expiration date. 
  TN Tack reserves the absolute right to determine the price of all items and to reduce the price as conditions 
warrant using their absolute judgment.  Consignor’s input and recollection of retail pricing is helpful, but the 
final determination of pricing will be made by TN Tack.
Payment Policy:
  Consignor receives 60% of the final net selling price for items other than saddles. Consignor receives 75% of the 
final net selling price for all saddles.
  Payments to Consignors will be ready for pickup on the 15th of the month, following the item’s sale month for 
all balances greater than $10.00.
  A $1.00 check printing and handling fee will be applied to checks issued and mailed. 
  Amount due to consignors is available immediately as store credit. 



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